MaddieMadeline Healey

Supervisor: Dr. Melissa Lafreniere

My research aims to further our understanding of how hydrological, optical, climatic and spatial factors influence nutrient cycling in High Arctic landscapes. Specifically, I am interested in characterizing major nitrogen species (nitrate, nitrite, ammonium), as well as total dissolved nitrogen throughout a series of watershed sub-catchments and pond sites of varying turbidities. This involves the analysis of water chemistry for samples collected throughout the 2019 melt season. By understanding the biogeochemistry of watershed catchments on temporal and spatial scales, we are better aware of how High Arctic ecosystems are responding to a changing climate. 


ColeBioPicCole Robertson

Supervisor: Dr. Neal Scott

My research aims to help close the knowledge-gap on how surficial environments will contribute to greenhouse gas fluxes in future climate scenarios. Specifically, my research is looking at the effect of local environmental factors on the net CO2 and trace gas flux in High Arctic wet-sedge ecosystems. By looking at how flux rates for CO2 in both a respiration and productivity scenario as well as trace gases CH4 and nitrogen species are affected by changes in environmental factors such as: soil moisture, soil temperature, humidity, photosynthetically active radiation and atmospheric temperature.